Friday, October 21, 2005

sleep ...

no matter how much i say 'sleep is for the weak,' i am secretly craving it. getting on average 4 hours of sleep a night gets pretty exhausing. i knew law school was going to be very challenging, but i had no idea exactly how difficult it was really going to be. one day, when i charge a client $200 for a phone call, i will not fell bad at all. no guilt whatsoever! oh well, one day this will all pay off. tonight it was either go out or sleep. i chose sleep - not much of a party person anyways :)'

Sunday, October 09, 2005

interesting ... - Understanding the biological basis of political behavior.
hmm i took this survey just for the heck of it and it's results were pretty interesting. take it and help these guys with their research. after you complete it, they will give you a summary of your results. Here's what i got:

Personal Evaluation
You are moderately politically focused. You are persistent and have a balanced right/left hemispheric orientation towards visual and aural perception. Your inability to recall dreams may indicate a B6 vitamin deficiency. You have a strong right hemispheric orientation towards affective language analysis. Your visuospatial field analysis is above average. You are firm in your beliefs and your belief system is not likely to change much. Your decision making style is more oriented towards your left prefrontal cortex. Your left parietal cortex participates more in your visuospatial reasoning than the average person. You have a right hemispheric tendency for emotional processing which is common in most people. You have a lower tendency for niche filling. You have a higher than average preference for a low population density lifestyle. Your perceptual and linguistic systems are more asymmetrically distributed across both hemispheres of your brain. Overall, you exhibit a cognitive style more oriented towards your left hemisphere.

just an observation ...

according to reuters and yahoo news, the iranian stock market has dropped 27% since august 2004. you can access the article here:
hmm ... ok ... let's just think about this for a moment.

iran has been openly pursuing nuclear capabilities for some time now - despite heavy objection from israel, disapproval by the US, and downright indifference from EU nations (shocker). iran has been labeled as a member of the 'axis of evil' by president bush, and is one of the most vehemently militant enemies of the US.

things have not always been this way ... at one point in to too distant history, iran was an ally of the US. but thanks to the diplomatic genious and strategic foreign poilicies of one jimmy carter, this is definitely no longer the case. but this is another discussion for another day.

the reuters article cites the country's status with the UN as the reason for the drastic economic downturn. Iran is "on the brink of referral to the UN security council for possible sanctions after failing to convince the world its atomic ambitions are peaceful," and therefore it's investors are jittery. [if you actually believe that iran's atomic program is for power and civil development - just stick your head back in the sand and forget whatever contact with reality you have had since you accidentally pulled it out.] back to the reason for the downturn - haha. no, no, no boys and girls. iran doesnt give two shits about the UN security council. and neither do it's investors. they are simply acknowledging the inevitable.

in the near future, someone is going to bomb the hell out of iran's nuclear program. the US is too chicken to do this because it would be a eximpliary show of national independence, strenth, and assertiveness that would prove unpopular both at home and abroad. (if you have any doubts about this - see bush's recent nomination of miers to the supreme court - and that's only in regard to popularity at home!) so israel will do it. this is not to say that israel is any stronger than the US, they simply have more at stake in the issue. iran actually hates israel more the the US, and is much closer to it. therefore the US apparently thinks it has the luxury of allowing israel to assert power in its defense (and the defense of the rest of the western world).

so before too long, israli fighter jets will be screaming across the desert to iran, and the 'peaceful' nuclear program will be history. it will be interesting to hear what the US's response to this action will be.

do not get me wrong, the US has definitely been very strong in standing up for its defense in places like afghanistan and iraq, as it should have. however, it is key to note that strong opposition has been absent in the face of opponents who have strong european suppport (iran) and oil production upon which the US greatly depends (saudi arabia). i completely understand that the US cannot go bombing everyone who does not like us, or who threaten our interests. however, there does come a time where you have to draw a line and stand up for youself. the US has done this in iraq and afghanistan, and i am very proud of it. however, it is the compete absence of discourse (saudi arabia) and half-hearted policy (iran) that worries me.unfo rtunately, bush seems to have less sand than i originally thought. i of course voted for him in '04, and would do so again given the alternatives. i am dissapointed in the level of bi-partisan and international approval that bush seems to constantly seek. there does come a time at which you have to grow some balls, and be a man. bush has shown that he is capable of this, however if would love to see it on an actual day-to-day basis.

anyways - back to the point of this ramble. the 'peaceful' atomic program of iran will soon be history. it will not come as a shock, and i hope that the US will boldly stand by israel as it strikes to protect it's national interest, the US, and the western world. we have taken bold steps to protect america from exteremists whose sole existence is hatred of us, and all that for which we stand. i earnestly hope that the US will continue to protect its interests at home and abroad, and stand by its allies as they support us in our truely global war on terror.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

school is my life ...

school is my life. there is just so much to do and so little time. i don't really have any idea what the hell i am doing. i am hopeing that i will figure it out some time soon ....

good grief, reading for classes takes forever. it seems like i spend most of my time either in class or reading for class. oh yeah, and there's that paper that i've gotta write for class. and now i'm getting started outlining for each course. that is really fun ... i have no idea what the hell i am doing. but that is also true of this whole law school thing in general. well on that note it's back to torts kids ....

Thursday, September 29, 2005

i need a beer ...

it's been a really long week. really long. why you ask? well i spent 4 hours last night preparing for today's classes. that's not really any studying, that's just getting ready for my two classes today so i wouldn't look like an idiot. this did pay off. man law school sucks.

think that's a long time to spend preparing for class? compared to others i am a major slacker. i read the cases, but i also use commercial outlines and canned briefs :0

yeah well i was 3 minutes late to torts this morning, and walked in at the same time as the girl that sits in front of me. yeah we were screwed. i sit down, and 3 minutes later, i hear 'mr. jdaniel, what happend in blah v. blah?' i think - shit. and then my mind immediately jumps to 'fuck - we werent supposed to read this for today's class!' i quickly find out the page number of the case from the kid who sits next to me, and gave my summary. it really wasn't bad, considering that it was a case that we were supposed to read for a few classes ago. i managed to speak somewhat intellgently on the topic, and then it was my fellow tardy classmate's turn to speak on a different case. fun.

well, i guess the lesson to be learned is either be on time to class, or be prepared to speak. this is definitely not cool ... this my first class in the morning ... before 9 am. my brain does not funtion before noon. and another thing - the clock in the back of the room is five minutes fast. this is a widely known fact. apparently before myself and my tardy classmate arrived, the prof proclaimed that regardless of this fact, class was to begin and end according to said tardy clock. damn. it had to be fast. we were honestly only 3 minutes late ... but i guess according to the new rules of this wonderful dictatorship that is the law school classroom it was an 8 minute-late arrival. whatever. like i give a crap. i'll try to not let it happen again because i don't want to have to enlighten the class on the case at hand, but lets be honest. it will. hopefully only once or twice though!

ok, well i am gonna go do something else. life is never boring! well only one class tomorrow, and that is AWESOME. i did the reading, and celebrated by having a few beers. i think a few more are in order .... later kids! :)'

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

lets not sugarcoat it ...

the truth - straightforward and uncensored. this just says it all ... haha it's great! you sure as hell wont get this from the nightly news. let's never forget who the REAL patriots are. this picture came from some of our great service men and women, courtesy of the kids over at mvrwc

Monday, September 26, 2005

i should be here ...

this is where i should have been born! i would make a perfect character on The OC. i could definitely see myself living the high life ... driving a mercedes and wearing all banana republic and gucci. my mom has said, many times, that i need to get a really great job to afford my tastes. i am just a trust-fund baby without a trust fund:)' i know that money cannot buy happines ... but it does make finding it a hell of a lot easier!

this is not to say that i dont have a great life. i have everything i need and more. my parents paid for my undergrad at TCU ... and are helping out a little with law school. i have the best parents in the whole world, who love and support me.

however, i think there's a part of me that just can't imagine what it would be like. i know ... i know ... the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. i was raised in a very average, middle-middle class, conservative, and traditional home. my family is the modern incarnation of the cleaver or brady families ... seriously. just with more people.

it is just fun to think about what life could be like if things were different. i can be honest enough to say that i know i would be a different person. whether people admit it or not, money does change people. usually - but not all the time - it is not for the better. money cannot buy happiness. i know from my experince with kids from school and college that some of the most unhappy and rude people are those who are rich. most of my best friends were broke as a joke (like myself :).

it is who people are on the inside that makes them true friends - not how much money is in their (or their father's) investment accounts. when it comes down to it, you want to invest your time and yourself in people who like you for who you are as an individual. That is something that will never change. Pecunary considerations change from day to day with the stock market, and over the years as an individual matures. But the person with whom you form bonds will always remain your friend.

even though i know it is pointless ... it is still fun to imagine what life could be like if i were rich as Croesus. it would be f**king awesome!!!!! so putting all rationality aside, i would make one hell of a castmember on The OC! hey a guy can dream ....

so lost ...

well kids ... i do not normally have trouble keeping up with classes, so ive never really had this problem before. but i am lost. so lost. what the hell is going on in civil procedure? well there are some mitigating factors to this story:

1) civ pro sucks. majorly. it is boring. it is hard. it sucks - period.
2) Prof Mumbles is very random. what is he talking about? what is he saying? how does this relate to the reading? is the answer to third-world poverty 12(b)6? i wish i knew ...
3) it is hard to study here. i'll blame my civ pro problems on the weather :) living here in liberal mountain town almost every day is perfect. the sun is shining ... breeze gently blowing ... temp in the low 70's ...

well after spending all day in 4 practically back to back classes followed by a civ pro review session, i am off to read my cases for tomorrow's classes. should make for a fun-filled evening. and then maybe try and figure out what the hell is going on in civ pro.

oh law school ... never a boring day :)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

not a nerd ...

well i have been pretty bored over the past few days. not because i dont have anything to do mind you, but simply because i dont feel like doing anything that i should be doing. anyways the point is that i have been reading through a lot of other blogs, and some of them have links to take these silly tests (ex #1: see previous post).

well i took another one ... this one was designed to rate you on a 'nerdiness scale.' i failed the test grandly (thank GOD!). maybe this explains why i have had the most difficult time setting up the links and crap on the bar-thing on the right. i am knowledgable in other areas ... computers just isnt one of those areas. anyways, here is the link for the test, if you should unfortunately find yourself similarly bored.

yeah how much of a non-nerd am i? i couldnt get the stupid picture/link thing to work above so dont click on it (or do - what the hell) you wont go anywhere. youll just have to be ghetto with me and actually click on the link below. hahaha

Your Score Summary
Overall, you scored as follows:
95% scored higher (more nerdy), and 5% scored lower (less nerdy).
What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: Definitely not nerdy, you are probably cool.